Travel Companions for Various Events

The Cruise Travel Companion

Most cruise ships add a hefty single supplement on to a cabin booked for a solo traveler. To off-set the cost, match yourself up with another cruise seeker for instant savings on your booking. Not only is your companion going to save you money on the cruise, you will also have a restaurant partner to put you at ease in the ship’s dining rooms. Cruise ship excursions are much more fun and welcoming when you have a partner to share the experience with you. Relax in your cabin at night and have someone to share the excitement of the day.

A Travel Companion For International Vacations

When you are searching for a wonderful travel companion for an international vacation, there are a few guidelines to consider. First of all, you both will need a valid passport. Many countries require that your passport be valid up to six months from your intended exit date. If one of you needs to obtain a passport or renew the old one, you must leave sufficient time for the departure date to have the passport in your hands.

For an additional fee, the passport office offers an expedited service, however, there is no guarantee that the passport will reach you in time. Setting a departure date three to four weeks from the day of submitting the passport documents is usually sufficient.

In addition to obtaining your passports on time, you must check each country in your itinerary for the visa requirements. The easiest way to obtain a visa is by visiting the embassy’s website and ordering the visa online. In some countries you may purchase the visa upon arrival, however, this option might place you in a lengthy line for a window that only accepts cash. When ordering your visas online, expect up to two weeks for delivery.

Land and Cruise Tours Combined

Many dreamy getaways include both a land tour and a cruise. Whether you opt for the amazing Amazon or delight in a Danube cruise, you will most likely need both land and river accommodations. In such cases, the most cost-effective way to see the world is to share all accommodations. However, you may opt for separate rooms on the land portion and avoid a hefty cruise supplement by sharing a cruise ship cabin.

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For example, a fabulous tour to Egypt will include several days in Cairo, a flight to Aswan to pick up the Nile cruise, and perhaps finishing with a few days in a resort overlooking the turquoise waters at the Red Sea. All hotel rooms in Egypt are priced per room and not per person. So, two single rooms would cost the same as booking a double room for two. However, on the cruise portion, you can save a mint by bunking in to one cabin with your travel companion.

Travel Companions/Escorts For Events

Companion escorts are in high demand for single events. You may wish to bring along a partner to a wedding, business party, high school reunion and more. Most people feel uncomfortable entering a social gathering on their own, even if the event is among good friends. An escort puts a person at ease at dinner parties and makes for a delightful evening out on the town for two.