Benefits of a Travel Companion

travel companion

When you make the decision to travel with a partner, a whole bevy of new experiences are waiting for you. Although traveling alone allows you the maximum amount of freedom, a travel partner from brings some special enhancements to the table:

1. Conversation about your day. Whether you plan to visit a museum, take in a Puccini opera, or just relax with a walking tour, a travel partner is ideal to discuss, critique and exchange new ideas.

2. Therapeutic Companionship. When two are traveling together, it can put your mind at ease when you have someone to lean on. Although traveling is big fun, there are times when having a support person is satisfying and rewarding. Two people can watch the airport bags better than one. Two people can hand-off taking charge when one person is tired. Two people are safer in public places than one person traveling alone.

3. Travel costs can be greatly reduced when doubling-up on accommodations, booking daily tours, and sharing ground transportation.

4. Taking Photos. A travel companion is always ready to take photos and video of your vacation’s highest moments. Asking strangers to take your photo can be risky, as you never know who is going to abscond with your camera.

5. Creating a long-term relationship. Sharing a cruise, land tour, or even single-day events can lead to lifelong friendships. You will learn a lot about a person when you are with them around the clock, and traveling is the ideal environment to bring out the best in both of you.